DiscoDisco App

DiscoDisco is a modular lighting system inspired by the humble and ubiquitous Disco ball, with the aim of filling any space it is put into with shimmering light.

The inital concept allowed the user to control the type of visuals being played on DiscoDisco, using a phone App. This project was developed from concept to wireframe and prototype but unfortunately never finished and taken to market.

Today, the new sculpture can respond to a line-in playing a soundtrack, or to a microphone allowing direct user interaction with DiscoDisco.

As lead graphic design, my role involved content creation (gifs), branding, icons making, UX and liaising with a team of developpers to code and test the App across devices. 

The development of the sculpture was initiated by creative entrepreneur Alex Asseily, and initially explored by design company Goodwin Hartshorn and then evolved, developed, expanded and made sing by Haberdashery.

Icon Design
Gifs making